Our Peales are originally from American bloodlines (Aleutian and Queen Charlotte). The males fly at between 670-750g, the females fly at between 1000-1070g. As well as making good falcons for flights out of the hood (rooks, crows and gulls) they make excellent game hawks. This is partly due to their low wing loading capacity. They also have the advantage of being able to fly in adverse weather conditions such as high winds and rain due to their climatical origins. This has the advantage of being able to hunt falcons during short hunting seasons.

For many years youngsters have proven themselves as superb hunting falcons, in Europe as well as in the Middle East.

Breeding female 'Eva' Peales male 'Kirk'

Breeding female peales 'EVA'

Breeding Male Peales

Previous years youngsters

Young female peales '11 Young female peales '11

Young female '11 "E010"

Young female '11 "E010"


Tiercel Eva Young female peales '11

Tiercel Eva

Young female '11 "E009"


Adult Peales tiersel '03 Peales

Adult peales Male

Peales Tiercel


Peales female Peales tiercel '09  'Mr H.'

Peales Female

'Mr H.' Peales Tiercel '09


Female 2008 Falco peregrinus 'Pealei'

'Haida' Peales Female '08 (20 WK) Hunting weight: 1065g

'Haida' Peales Female '08 (1,5YR)


Mr H Tiercel 2009 Falco peregrinus 'Pealei'

'Mr H.' in the field, nov '09 UK Hunting weight: 695g

Peales Female, dec '08 Pakistan


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